About Me

Playing My GuitarI am an archivist by profession and a guitarist, artist, writer, singer,
dancer and actress by creation. I began composing poetry and stories 12 years ago and love the freedom that writing affords. It has opened my mind to a wealth of ideas and has helped me cope with difficult times. I find myself delving into uncharted territory and loving the journey. Several of my poems and short stories have been published in various journals, both in hard copy and online. I get my inspiration on bus rides. You might call it
"Writing in Motion".

I love music, literature, art, sculpture and musical theatre. I have taken art, sculpture, and creative writing classes and sung in the choir at the Creative Social Center (a senior center in Montreal). I play guitar in the Cummings Centre Band and percussion in the New Horizons Band. I am an avid reader of fiction, non-fiction, and mystery. l am also an art enthusiast and a published author.

My publications include short stories, poems, and articles in various anthologies, and my first Children’s book, ZAIDIE AND FERDELE: MEMORIES OF MY CHILDHOOD, illustrated by Shira Katz and Sandra Levy, Deux Voiliers Publishing, 2012.
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I live in Montreal, Quebec & I am married to Sol Katz, bibliophile, and have two wonderful children.